Dr. Paul Q. Nguyen, D.C.

dr_kauf.jpg Dr. Paul Nguyen was born in Davenport, Iowa in 1977. His family came over to the United States in 1975 and has resided in Davenport ever since their arrival. He received his undergrad at St. Ambrose University. Shortly after graduation, his father was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. He left his studies to become his father’s caregiver. This was his first exposure to the medical health care system and he was appalled by the medical treatment of his father. Coincidently his brother, Dr. Roger Nguyen who is a chiropractor, introduced him to a different form of health care that focuses on the cause of the disease and not the symptoms. Dr. Paul was intrigued and fascinated by chiropractic. He then knew he had to change his course and began a career in chiropractic.

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